Question by  JDand43 (59)

Can you give me some information on Addison's disease in dogs?

My dog has Addison's disease.


Answer by  dogfancier (201)

Addison's disease is a disease which affects the dog's adrenal gland. Addison's disease is not always fatal and can be treated with medication.


Answer by  angelsdozens (218)

Addison's Disease is often misdiagnosed. If your dog has been diagnosed though then in all likelyhood he will function normally with proper medication and treatment.


Answer by  DerekH (65)

Addison's is a disease of the adrenal gland which causes health problems such as:fatigue, diarrhea,sweating and muscle pain. Not all Addison's Disease is fatal as long as you take your dog to the vet and get medication that it will have to stay on.


Answer by  Donna41 (61)

Addison's disease in dogs can cause serious health complications.THis condition is caused because the animal's adrenal gland does not produce enough cortisol. This can cause fatigue, diarrhea, sweating and muscle pain. Although this disease can be fatal, with proper treatment, the dog can live a normal life. The dog will have to take medication for the rest of it's life.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

If you are real concerned you should set up a consult with your vet that way as the vet is explaining you can ask questions you may have.


Answer by  Hannae (30)

Incontinence can also be a sign of Addison's disease in dogs. While there are many reasons for incontinence(including bladder infections), unbalanced electrolytes (one of the hallmarks of Addison's) can lead to incontinence. This could be in combination with excessive drinking (polydipsia), so if your dog is incontinent and drinking a lot, it's worth getting their electrolytes checked.


Answer by  Rachel0518 (78)

Addison's disease occurs when the adrenal glands do not make enough cortisol. Medication can help your dog lead a happy and comfortable life.


Answer by  rollsrose (29)

It means adrenal insufficiency. Diagnosis is difficult because the symptoms are common in many other ailments. But once correctly diagnosed, dogs can be treated and live a normal active life.


Answer by  jodeci23 (74)

It is a disease with symptoms that are common in many other ailments, making diagnosis difficult and sometimes a process of elimination.

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