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Question by  lisa81 (2)

Can you give me some ideas for Bar Mitzvah gifts?

It's for the son of a good friend.


Answer by  lillybby (359)

The best thing is a gift card. Usually at Bar Mitzvahs the gifts are pretty costly but a 50.00 gift card is perfect to buy something nice with.


Answer by  stainmaster (19)

Any type of snack that is Kosher could and will be accepted. If you present it to the child he or she will enjoy it I am sure. If all else fails, give them money.


Answer by  ringneck (394)

The lad might really enjoy a video related item. If he is athletically inclined, a sporting goods gift would probably be appropriate.


Answer by  flavored (88)

Anything in multiples of 18 is perfect for a Bar Mitzvah gift. The Hebrew word for "alive" is chai, and the value of the letters add up to 18. 18 is a lucky number. So for example, $18 (or any multiple of 18 you find acceptable.)

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