Question by  TYoung (21)

Can you give me some ideas for a wedding anniversary gift?

My sister is celebrating her first anniversary.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

something hand made is always the sweetest thing to give. Or if it is for your sister than something that both of them would use, something practical sort of like a second wedding present.


Answer by  Heather48 (95)

It is traditional to give paper for the first anniversary, however you're not bound by thattradition. If you want to give paper then concert tickets, scrapbook, money, a gift certificate, a paper chinese food container filled with sweets, or personalized stationery are some fun ideas. Also, a framed photo of the happy couple would make a great gift.


Answer by  bitchstewie (489)

a nice first anniversy gift is something that reminds her of her wedding day. A photo album of memories of her special day will be appreciated. Other ideas include gift baskets or small appliances as newlyweds often need stuff like that. Another idea, if you have the money is to buy her a vacation with her husband.


Answer by  brittann (200)

A good anniversary gift something that will be useful in maybe their new house or with a new dog. Maybe even getting them a dog. A dog is a great way to let them get used to having something to take care of and people who have been married a year are often thinking about having children in the future.

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