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Question by  sarah221 (12)

Can you give me information on the Goodyear Viva 2 tire warranty?

I need to learn more about the warranty on my tires.


Answer by  NessieGirl (103)

I had these tires which I got at a Walmart and I didn't like them at all. After about 27,000 miles I had problems and had to fight with the automotive manager to even get a partial refund. I was told to get extended warranty next time. Very unhappy customer!


Answer by  Marcus8 (84)

Goodyear Viva 2 tires have a 60,000 mile warranty and are S rated. Any other warranties might come from the company where you purchase the tires and have them installed. For instance some companies will offer a lifetime warranty for flats, etc after the 60,000 warranty is finished.

Reply by Annika5 (171):
Goodyear Viva 2 tire warranty is comparable to other tire warranties of the same type of tire. These tires are considered low rolling resistance.  add a comment

Answer by  ClaudiaD (136)

All I can really say is every tire warranty is basic. They give you the miles and that is it. Now trying to get Goodyear to followup is a different ball of wax. Reviews are very mixed about the company and the durability of their tires. Most are unhappy.


Answer by  peoed (4)

My viva2 tire is leaking air from the sidewall with less than 20,000 on 60,000 warranty and Walmart won't replace, they offered me 20$ off and I work there. Never will I buy tires at Walmart again. Oh yeah, they broke my wheel cover too.

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