Question by  Abit (22)

Are Goodyear viva tires rated well?


Answer by  6ixk (1156)

They are rated good but I wouldn't suggest them. They are not year around tires and are only rated for summer use. Therefore when you come to winter, if its cold where you are then you have to switch tires. Id go with a BridgeStone tire they are rated well over all.


Answer by  clair58 (177)

Yes of course Good Year viva tires rated number one today. I of course use Good Year Tires for my car. These tires can be use for more than one year. Without a fear I recommend Goodyear viva tires


Answer by  hondafit (43)

Goodyear viva tires have good grip in any type of weather. They are cheap too, but they wear down very quickly and become dangerous in wet conditions.


Answer by  Jangfhaye (10)

Yes,I had to get new tires.When the tread wore down,well looking for a good deal I shopped around and ended up choosing Goodyear Viva 2's and I find it great!


Answer by  cody (1331)

good year viva tires are rated good. because they give you good traction and they handle well in the summer and winter time

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