Question by  cpress (36)

Can you give me a review of GT tires?


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

GT tires ore some of the highest quality tires on the market. GTX tires are slightly better, bit the GT tires are really good.


Answer by  nicholas34 (606)

gt tires are very reliable and good when it comes to the winter, they last for a long time and are not to over pricey, if your looking for a good tire for your car then deffinetly go for gt there also very very good for racing (on a legal track)


Answer by  meph1984 (4)

Bought the tires new had it installed on honda fit and used it around 14 months, Noises from the tires is horrible, not balance at all and very rough ride. Quality of the tires are not good at all.

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