Question by  mjl10 (282)

Can you give me a Polaroid digital camera review?


Answer by  txglory (32)

The most obvious upfront advantage of this camera is that it has instant photo printouts. However, in terms of technical specs, it slightly falls behind. In terms of megapixels, it has only 5, whereas most cameras these days come up to about 12 megapixels! The price point is also high, at about $199 dollars, which makes it an expensive buy.


Answer by  RJamesG (6)

The Polaroid x530 camera has very technologically advanced chip in it that allows for crisper colors. However, some may fear the camera for being a Polaroid alone. Do not fear this. All appearances seem to lead towards a powerful camera with a good times three zoom capability. This camera also has 4.5 megapixels.


Answer by  ilu143heart (30)

I recently purchased a Polaroid digital camera. The camera is actually much smaller and lighter than I was expecting. Picture quality is quite amazing. The pictures came out amazing, and instantly a part of the picture is the best. I can immediately print out the pictures and scrapbook.


Answer by  Csk5 (265)

Poloroid digital cameras are amazing that are around three hundred dollars. They offer all of the features of higher powered cameras and the same quality.


Answer by  Lucyalicia92 (147)

The Polaroid digital camera is a wonderful camera. It is my favorite kind to use because it produces the best quality. It has everything required for your photography needs.

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