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Question by  JITENDRA20 (2)

Can you get Greek live tv on the internet?


Answer by  RunawayJim (964)

The short answer is yes. The quality might not be great unless you are willing to pay, and the quality also depends on your internet connection. Look this up in a search engine and five to ten sites come up. I use NetGreece, but it isn't live often, so other sites might be better.


Answer by  LisaJM (79)

Yes you can. I found a website that you can register, become a member and watch Greek live tv. I found several sites so you have many to choose from.


Answer by  nixx (78)

Yes you can actually watch greek TV streaming on the internet. Theres a site that has many channels from greece to choose from. You can watch live streaming or recorded shows depending on your choice of channels. A lot of people are using this site more than hundreds of thousands everyday.


Answer by  tinatin (8)

yes I can get Greek Live tv on the internet,googly gave me links and if I'm somewhan interested in watching it It's possible

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