Question by  mbooks (12)

Can you explain cellular respiration in plants?

Do animals use cellular respiration?


Answer by  nepenthe (39)

All living cells, plant or animal, respirate. Plant cells use carbon dioxide as the "fuel" and emit oxygen as the "waste" They need sun light and water to do this. In animal cells it's the exact opposite: we use oxygen as fuel and carbon dioxide and water are our waste products.


Answer by  mgoodman (204)

Every cell respires - it intakes one chemical for use within its cells and respires the waste products. Animals intake oxygen for tissues, respiring the toxic carbon dioxide. If not continually exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen, we would die. Plants intake carbon dioxide and reduce it to cellulose, breaking down water for oxygen to be respired. Oxygen is plant waste.


Answer by  Zorfandel (398)

Cellular respiration is the movement of carbon dioxides out of molecules on a cellular level. This occurs within the mitochondria which are the energy storehouses of every cell. Because it is required for the continued existance and growth of plant cells it is easy to see how this trait was passed down as life evolved.

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