Question by  mandeegee74 (21)

Can you cure OCD?

It's a nuisance to me--I can't imagine how it is for other people watching me.


Answer by  andi (118)

Yes you can cure OCD, see a health professional, go to therapy. This is the best answer, a person cannot do it alone.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

That is debatable and probably depends on the person. Some people can do behavioral exposure therapy to help themselves realize that the things they are anxious about will not hurt them. For those whose neuroses run deeper, some additional work into the "whys" of their troubles might be necessary before this will help.


Answer by  JP98 (57)

There isn't a specific "cure" for OCD, but there are many forms of treatments that can be used to curb the behaviors and get them under control. Much of OCD is chemical imbalances in the brain and drugs can be used to help fight these. As well, most therapists will work to counter the "magical thinking" people with OCD demonstrate.


Answer by  psych2 (27)

You don't really "cure" OCD, but you can control it. Certain medications or therapy can be useful in helping to control and lessen the effects of OCD, but there is always a chance it may return.

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