Question by  pauldrummer08 (17)

Can you compare the Zen and the iPod?


Answer by  pilotman (158)

Zen is made by Microsoft, while iPod is made by Apple. I am a fan of Microsoft, so I like Zen. I like iTunes, because it is easy to use. They are both very similar. Zen has more models to choose from, but iPod is the most common mp3 player. It is all personal preference.


Answer by  thecar4s (22)

The zen is like an extreme form of the iPod Creative. The company has made aspects of the zen similar to the ipod. The size of the system is similar to the ipod classic or the nano depending on the type. Its navigation screen is also similar besides the form factor.


Answer by  mikee (23)

Well the Zen i believe doesnt have any program to run the device off of. Like for example: itunes. Making it a little bit more difficult to use


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Zens are cheaper and don't typically have as many features as an Ipod. Zen's are know to suffer from hardware issues sometime also. It also depends on the models.

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