Question by  lex26 (20)

Can you buy diesel clothes online?

I can't find a store that sells them near me.


Answer by  Krissie (551)

You can. Not only can you go through Diesel's website to find clothes, you can also find them from third party sellers and other websites. Their own website will also tell you the nearest store to you, or any place you happen to visit.


Answer by  jj75 (13)

Diesel has an online store where you can purchase their clothes. They ship internationally to quite a few locations (subject to shipping costs) and they accept payment by PayPal or credit card (American Express, Visa and Mastercard).


Answer by  Jennifer08 (554)

Yes, I see many different items made by Diesel on ebay. They seem to be kind of high, but if you have no place to buy them then that okay.

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