Question by  worker77 (14)

Can you buy Penguin clothing in stores or is only available online?

Stores in my area don't carry it and don't seem to be familiar with it.


Answer by  natashaaa (6)

I, personally, have not found Penguin clothing in stores either. Maybe, it's not available in the area you live. It is really only available online, through their website. You can look on broader websites such as eBay, or Amazon, though. They are sure to carry at least some Penguin clothing.


Answer by  Max270347 (8)

It appears that you can buy Penguin clothing online and also in 18 store locations across the United States. However, in Hawaii you can buy Penguin clothing online, which means that the shipping costs will be very expensive. Urban Outfitters also sells Penguin clothing, therefore, it is possible for you to buy Penguin clothing at Urban Outfitters.


Answer by  andyandrea (6)

You can buy them from retail stores or even second-hand stores, but if you really want to get the original clothing I would go for the on-line store and you can be sure of one more thing, that they are not last season. You can get get free shipping if you buy Penguin clothing in value of 65 dollars.


Answer by  victoria92 (4)

I am pretty sure you can only buy them online. Most places dont need to carry penguin clothing because penguins live in the zoo or very cold places.

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