Question by  Hwcllns (18)

Can you buy a Disney Goofy hat anywhere besides a Disney store?

My son wants one so badly.


Answer by  mandown (416)

Ebay has great options for people who want Disney paraphernalia but don't have the time to drive over to Disneyland or a Disney Store at their local mall. In fact, EBAY will usually have cheaper Disney Goofy hats although it is important for you to check the seller's rating to make sure you are buying it from a reliable source.


Answer by  MMZ (6)

You definitely can. I personally have searched websites for Disney memorabilia and have come across a lot of sites to purchase hats. One of my favorites is Ebay. Another option you may want to check out would be the flea market, if you have one near you. They always have different types of collectibles.


Answer by  taedark (42)

You can buy one just about anywhere online. Try Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist. If you don't want to shop online, then you will have to go to the Disney store.


Answer by  LadyJ (14)

It is always a possibility to find Disney items for sale through different online venues such as eBay, Amazon, and other online retailers.


Answer by  jerezana (68)

No the disney store is the only palce who has them or disneyland, you can try and find one used if you dont mind on craigslist or some websites like ebay or esty have them for sale some times new or they are home made but look similar to the ones at the stire

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