Question by  Max (33)

Can you build a driveway by yourself?

I don't have anyone to help me.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

It depends on the kind of driveway and the tools available to you. A dirt or gravel drive is easy to build if you've got a pickup and a shovel. Concrete is another possible DIY project. I've never messed with asphalt so I can't tell you.


Answer by  Dan3686 (969)

It depends on the length and your time constraints. Perhaps more so important would be your physical capabilities. It wouldnt be too strenuous but shifting curbing and paving slabs can take its toll. Maybe think about hiring the right equipment, such as a mechanical wheelbarrow. Best of luck with it.


Answer by  KyWaterproofer (31)

Yes, you can. You will need gravel to run the length & width (min. 8 inches of depth), &hydro-lock cement. 12-14 inches of concrete depth X 5 feet wide min.


Answer by  mn (14)

I decided to build my own driveway without the help of an engineer or even a contractor. I took me a couple of hours to calculate the material required, and with the help of my two kids, job was accomplished in less than four hours.

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