Question by  notorious (249)

Can the word "hacky-sack" be used as a verb?

I know it's a noun -- a small bean bag that gets kicked around. But do you "hacky sack"?


Answer by  malone (4817)

The term "hacky sack" is not a verb. It is, as you say, a noun. But just as people have been known to "hula hoop" or "pogo," you could coin "hacky sack" as a verb. People would understand if you were to ask, "Wanna hacky sack with us?"


Answer by  natdog (8)

Yes, it could be used as an intransitive verb, such as "We hackey-sacked together for four hours yesterday." However, it sounds strange as a transitive verb, as in, "We hackey-sacked the ball around for four hours".


Answer by  maelab2 (262)

No, you can't use "hacky-sack" as a verb. You can say "I kicked the hacky sack," where the word "kicked" is the verb.

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