Question by  rev (10)

Can over/under production of some hormones cause hair loss?

I think I have an imbalance somewhere.


Answer by  trina (132)

overproduction of hormones like testosterone can cause hair loss. underproduction of oestrogen or progesterone can also cause hair loss or loss of hair texture.


Answer by  Shiji (128)

certainly, deficiency of hormones causes hair loss. imbalance of hormones such as estrogen,androgen causes hair loss. another reason for hair loss is regarding the improper functioning of thyroid gland. more over deficiency of calcium, iron also causes hair loss. In the period of pregnancy there is a chance for hair loss due to the hormone imbalance.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Hormones play a big part on how your hair grown. Also your thyroid and stress. The best advice I can give you is to have a blood test done and then talk over the results with the doctor.


Answer by  ruchir (32)

i think you are right beacause it is happen if your parents have hair fall problem,and if u tack tension or dipresion that would also effact on your hair so dont tack tension and be happy in your life thats good for your hair

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