Question by  Rinda (121)

Can my health insurance coverage be moved to another state?


Answer by  Kat (32)

If you have a PPO (Prefered Provider Plan) prefered doctors must be available in the new state. If you are in an HMO,there are more limitations as you must see their doctors in their clinics. Some large insurance carriers such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield will cover you worldwide.


Answer by  Emr (698)

With the larger health insurance carriers, you should have no problem moving to another state. Policies that are wedded to a particular provider may require you go to their facilities.


Answer by  Sam65 (198)

Most health insuracne has nationwide coverage or allows you to move state to state. Obviously, it depends on the specific insurance. Therefore, you should check with your insurance to see if it can be moved.


Answer by  thinktank (29)

Yes,why not!Buy health insurance plan from the company which is having tie up with any of the companies in the new state.That's it.You can claim for your policy in that state.There are many companies having multinational presence,so you won't get any problem.

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