Question by  smellycat22 (1129)

Can I use salt to kill tree stumps?


Answer by  Sam65 (198)

When people use salt to kill tree stumps, they are referring to salt peter (a chemical compound), not table salt. You can use salt peter by drilling a hole in the stump, putting salt peter in there for a month or so, and then you can burn the stump.


Answer by  smithjen1498 (192)

Yes, either Epson salt or rock salt can be used. If you cut the stump to the ground and pour the salt on the stump and the roots it will kill the roots. This will also work better if you cover the stump with dirt.


Answer by  kapoor (52)

yes we can use salt to kill tree stumps Salt should do it.I cut off the new growth, poured vinegar and salt on stump, covered that with plastic.

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