Question by  Yaklord (34)

Can I start my fireplace with propane?


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

I would not start mine with any type of propane.It just don't sound safe at all. I would use matches or a bic lighter. Bic lighter should be a small one.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

If you have a wood burning fireplace then you can use a propane torch to start your fires. If you are talking about using propane to start a fire in a gas log fireplace, I would not recommend this. More than likely you do not have the correct nozzle for your burner and it will not effectively burn propane.


Answer by  Roger70 (107)

Although there are propane fueled fireplaces available, it is very dangerous to attempt to start a wood or coal fueled fire in a fireplace or elsewhere with propane gas. Propane gas is a very volatile and explosive substance that should only be used inlocations specifically designed for it, and it should be installed professionally.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

There are propane fueled fireplaces on the market however these units are set up professionally with an exterior tank. You should never attempt to start a fireplace with something such as a propane camping bottle.


Answer by  Anonymous

You can use a propane soldering/brazing torch, like Benz-o-matic (Lowes/Walmart) to start kindling wood, under the logs up on the grate


Answer by  flori (239)

Of course you can start your fireplace with propane, but I wouldn't be a wise think for you to do that, because the propane is a highly inflammable substance, can even be explosive in mixture with air. If it is the only solution you have you should try to dilute it with other substances.


Answer by  lexor521yahoocom (8)

If it was my home I would not start my fireplace unless it was designed for it, it seems very dangerious to start a firplace with cobustable propain. The most upper class homes in income houses seemed better designed for this application I do enjoy the colors it brings out in the fire.

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