Question by  Kathryn (19)

Can I plant persimmon seeds to grow a plant?


Answer by  catman529 (809)

The seeds need stratification, which is basically a cold period such as winter before they can germinate the following spring. After winter, the seeds planted in the ground will sprout into separate male and female baby trees, but it might take many years for the trees to reach bearing size.


Answer by  blahblah33 (34)

Take the seeds out of the fruit and wash. Put them in a damp paper towl in the refrigerator for two weeks. Plant the seeds in dirt and water. Voila!


Answer by  shackney (22)

It is a lengthy process, but yes. The resulting plant may not bear fruit though, as both male & female are needed for the necessary pollination.


Answer by  Ladymacbeth1980 (86)

Persimmons are no different from any other fruit. They have seeds, so of course you can plant them and they will grow if looked after.

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