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Question by  Tessa68 (51)

Can I have advice on pool maintenance for dummies?

I have a pool and have no idea how to maintain it.


Answer by  EK (16)

You will need a test kit to see what the current chemical values are. Balance the Ph first with either a Ph+ or Ph- chemical. Add chlorine, then shock the pool with a separate shock product and add algaecide. Be sure to follow the instructions on chemical containers exactly for the best results and NEVER mix any of the chemicals.


Answer by  Laura94 (89)

First, have a sample of your water tested by a pool supply store. They will tell you what you need to add initially. Once your water is balanced, use test strips weekly to determine what, if anything, you need to add. The three components to maintain are chlorine, PH, and alkalinity.


Answer by  daceywatts (73)

First thing is to make sure the the ph is correct. Once the ph is correct, make sure you are using the correct amount of chlorine. Make sure that the pump is on to circulate the chemicals in the pool. If algae has settled to the bottom, then vacuuming, to waste, once a week may be needed.


Answer by  leelee22 (118)

You can run an automatic pool cleaner for 2 or 3 hours a day. Bring a water sample in to any pool supply store for a free test to determine what chemicals you need. They should be more than happy to also answer your questions.


Answer by  Anonymous

We are having trouble keeping our above ground pool water clean...we have noticed that the water pressure is a little down.


Answer by  Anonymous

My pool water seems to have a green tinge to it

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