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Question by  maryam (50)

Can I get the show "Primal Grill with Steve" on dvd?

My local PBS has stopped airing it and I love that show.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

"Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen" is available on DVD. (The show's Web site also lists every station that airs the show, so you may still be able to find it on air near you.) Raichlen wrote "The Barbecue Bible." He also hosts a French-language cooking show, has won several awards, and received a fellowship to study medievel cooking in Europe.


Answer by  WhereToFindChamp (139)

Most T.V. shows and movies can be purchased online, sometimes even before the actual "public" release. Shop around online, or contact a movie / series company like NetFlix or RedBox.


Answer by  BigScott (5)

There are two DVDs of the show currently available for purchase, volumes one and two were released in 2009 at a list price of $19.95.

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