Question by  NarayanaMurthy (197)

Can I get free motion quilting with a regular sewing machine?

I love to quilt and usually do it by hand but would love to do it on the machin.


Answer by  GinaD (400)

If you can lower your feed dogs, and remove your presser foot (or preferably replace it with an embroidery foot), you should be able to do free motion work.


Answer by  Gretchin (352)

Many sewing machines are equipped to darn clothes. Using this setting allows the machine to be used freely. Some machines allow you to drop the feed dog, which prevents the machine from feeding material under presser foot this will also work to allow free movement.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

Drop or cover your feed dogs (teeth under the needle). Use an embroidery or darning foot. Set stitch length to zero. Put fabric in hoop. Move hoop steadily under needle.


Answer by  jb68 (207)

Go to your local sewing store for a quilting needle. They'll also let you know if your machine has enough power to get through all multiple fabric layers.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

All you have to do to free motion quilt on your machine is drop your feed dogs. You can buy a free motion foot that fits standard sewing machines, which gives you a little more control. It takes practice, but you shouldn't even have to buy a new machine.


Answer by  Lore (174)

It depends on the machine. First you need to either be able to drop or have a cover for the feed dogs. Second see if the manufacture of your machine sells an embrodiery or darning foot. You can do it without changing the foot, but in that case you need to be able to adjust the presser foot tension.

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