Question by  Jackg907aolcom (13)

Can I get Adobe Acrobat Capture 3 for free?


Answer by  EvilMIPS (10)

You could get it for free but this would be piracy and is illegal. If you want the software you will have to buy it from either adobe or another company that sells the software.


Answer by  lancepea (84)

Yes you can get Acrobat Capture 3 for free but it would have to be from a website that is not suppoorted by Adobe which is strongly discouraged because most websites that offer this program usually carry viruses in the download.


Answer by  carwash (148)

any piece of software is available free just find a good torrent link and download the program. Then get a key generator and then you can insert the key and be off doing what you do with your new adobe acrobat capture.


Answer by  Phil28 (379)

If you cannot get it for free from Adobes homepage you are left with a couple of options. Either you do something illegal or address your wish to santa.

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