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Question by  justanothersillygirl (44)

Can I get a free Nokia ringtone?


Answer by  mharz (23)

Nokia ring tone is not free, you can only get Nokia ringtone by downloading it. There is a payment when you download any tones from nokia.


Answer by  mtrabotnik (76)

Yes you can. Only type on the search bar on google '' download free Nokia ringtone '' and you will find what you need.


Answer by  Linnie (42)

Yes, there are a lot of sites, where you can get a free Nokia ringtone. You just have google 'free Nokia ringtone' and you'll have endless options to choose from.


Answer by  Monx (31)

Basically you can have a free Nokia ringtone if you bought a Nokia phone. It depends on what unit or what kind of Nokia phone you bought. For example Nokia Express Music,it has free ringtones like the so called message tones. It is really possible that you can get a Ringtone if your phone is Nokia too.


Answer by  shorty23 (177)

Just go to the internet and type in what kind of ringtone and which format you want it in.Then click find it.

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