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Question by  Jenn (116)

Can I change a pickup battery on my own?


Answer by  Kevkev (43)

Absolutely. Before you purchase a new battery, make sure it matches the size of the old battery. When swapping the old battery out make sure you take the red (+) wire off first for safety. Then, when putting the new battery in, attach the black (-) wire first.


Answer by  CrystalEg (500)

It is safe to do if you are cautious. First make sure the car is off. Detach the positive and negative charge wires from the battery. Do not let them touch one another. Next remove battery and insert new battery. Then, reconnect the positive and negative charge wires.


Answer by  bullseye (30)

Yes, It is a very simple process. Shut the vehicle off. Disconnect the negative side first(black cable or (-) sign). Be sure not to touch both teminals at the same time with tools. Then remove the positive(+) side and any hold downs. Reverse proceedure connecting the negative last.


Answer by  judy63 (98)

Yes you can. I am a woman and I have changed both car and pickup batteries. Just make sure the switch is turned off, then take the wires loose and take the battery out. Put the new in and re-connect the wires. Try cranking the vehicle.


Answer by  steve41 (37)

You should be able to. It's just a matter of looking in your manual or online to find the type of battery needed. Pruchase the new battery, remove the old, put in the new. Not a lot of room for mistakes if you get the right battery.

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