Question by  Antbak (28)

Can excessive hormones cause hair loss?


Answer by  trina (132)

yes, excessive hormones CAN cause hair loss. Testosterone is known to be a reason for baldness in men. Lions with higher doses of testosterone have smaller manes than others.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

The deficiency of hormones can cause hair loss and even the color of the hair could go gray from black.


Answer by  britt01 (292)

Sometimes especially with testosterone use. Testostorone can cause balding. However it can cause hair growth in other areas such as the on the face. It can also make hair feel thinner.


Answer by  jcubed73 (27)

There are a lot of reasons that cause hair loss. Pregnancy, stress, thyroid problems are hormone related and can cause hair loss.

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