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Question by  JamieSmith (23)

What are low creatinine levels?

I'm getting my results soon and I want to know what numbers would be considered low.


Answer by  Milette4 (900)

The normal level of creatinine is 60 – 110 micromoles per liter. Anything lower than 50 micromoles per liter can be considered as a low level.


Answer by  Moma123 (1043)

Low creatinine in urine and high creatinine in blood indicates problem in kidney. Normal blood creatinine level should be below 110 micromoles per litre.


Answer by  mcdbeals (201)

Weight trainers and other athletes take creatinine to help build muscle quickly. Too much could cause undue strain on your heart and make men bulk up unnaturally so I'm thinking that too little (I don't know the acceptable statistical range)could indicate little if any muscle burn via exercise or a properly functioning heart.


Answer by  KLR (606)

Normal creatinine blood level range is 0.6 to 1.2 mg/dl. Creatinine in the blood is the by product of muscle breakdown. This a normal body function, as muscles produce Creatinine when producting energy. The Kidneys filter blood and creatinine is eliminated in urine. Low levels are generally not a concern.

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