Question by  futuredove (3)

Can a temp agency ask an employee to refund an amount the employee was overpaid four months earlier?

The temp agency originally said they would pay for gas because of the distance to the job.


Answer by  fippin (49)

Yes, the agency can ask. However, if you remind them of the agreement about that the gas would be paid for, things may just smooth over. Sometimes an employer may forget they had made the deal after a certain amount of time, expecially if there is no written contract.

Reply by futuredove (3):
They are already taken out $75 a week without a consent. He seem to deny the gas monies  add a comment
Reply by futuredove (3):
He denied the comment of the gas. Also, they are already taken out $75 a week without permission. Now what  add a comment

Answer by  patti (29325)

They can ask, yes. Do you have to return the money? It depends. If the agency threatens you, file in Small Claims and let a judge put it to rest.

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