Question by  ziawaziri (36)

Can a child having a tantrum lead to a seizure?

My four year old always seems to have seizures when he has a tantrum.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

If he or she is prone to seuzures, this can lead to them. However, a child which is not prone or accustomed to having seizures, it will not. Seizures are not caused by having a temper tantrum, but can help bring one on for children who are accustomed to having them.


Answer by  CarrieZee (189)

Tantrums do not lead to seizures in children who are developing typically. Children with seizure disorders may more likely to have seizures AND tantrums when they are tired or sick.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Many different things can lead to a child having a seizure, including but not limited to a tantrum, shock to the system and high fevers. Seizures are believed to be caused by a change in chemicals in the brain, if the tantrum is a large enough of one then yes it can result in a seizure.


Answer by  joshandeleisa (331)

This is not a normal thing but is caused by lack of oxygen to the brain during the tantrum. You need to discuss this with his doctor to make sure there are no underlying problems. You dont have to give in so he doesnt have a tantrum just find a different way to deal with them.


Answer by  pansy (421)

a child having a tantrum needs to be ignored my daughter does it also it looks as if she maybe going thru another state of mind i try to give her a wash cloth with coul water to calm her is your child a virgo

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