Question by  csb203 (17)

Besides baking soda balls, how else do you treat goat bloat?

The baking soda balls did not work.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Try repacing the animals regular drinking water with club soda from time to time. The baking soda balls are not being properly digested by your animals


Answer by  jtpaag (473)

In an emergency, you can tube the goat with a ΒΌ to 3/8 plastic hose, three to four feet long; pass the tube through a harder tube or block, in the goats mouth, that the goat cannot bite. Try Milk of Magnesia, orally, to stimulate the gut and lower the pH balance. Therabloat could be given orally or injected.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

Try Milk of Magnesia given orally to help stimulate the gut. Another option is replacing the goat's drinking water with club soda. Maybe that will help the goat digest the baking soda balls.


Answer by  kak (488)

If your goat has goat bloat and can still walk, put one fourth of a pint of cooking or mineral down its throat, walk it and massage its sides. Some suggest a tablespoon of lime and seaweed mixed in a half pint of vinegar works. Always call a veterinarian.


Answer by  Mrscmrn (1449)

Bloat is goats can be fatal. Sometimes massaging and walking may help a mild bloat. Pepto Bismol, vegetable oil and a product called Therabloat has been known to be helpful.

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