Question by  ronrow (17)

Are you happy with your Black and Decker coffee grinder?


Answer by  t123 (520)

Yes, I've had my Black and Decker coffee grinder for years and it continues to work well. The only complaint I have is that I drink a lot of coffee and brew tongs of coffee at once. However, the device only allows several tablespoons at once.


Answer by  Nikki79 (56)

I love it, it's all i needed, is easy and simple to use, light, and I love it's color and design. There is only one thing i would change and is the space for the beans, wich i would prefer little bit bigger.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

The Black and Decker coffee grinder is a good machine and it grinds the beans just right for me, grinding beans is a very personal thing and while I like my grinder some other people may not like the same grinder so give a few a try and find one that suits your needs.


Answer by  jlb157 (57)

Yes. I am known for buying and using Black and Decker appliances and tools. They are a reliable brand. This coffee grinder has never failed on me and has always ground every bean to perfection.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

I don't have one but my sister does. She loves hers. It smells so good when she grinds coffee beans.

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