Question by  keleos (48)

Are you allowed to take as many Holy Land pictures as you would like?

I will be visiting the Holy Land soon.


Answer by  t123 (520)

If you're talking about the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida, then, yes, it seems you can take as many pictures as possible as there is nothing to say otherwise on the website. If you're talking about the Holy Land in Israel, there seems to be no restrictions either.


Answer by  RiK777 (11)

Yes, providing you are respectful of local customs and do not trespass onto private property you should be able to take pictures without limitations. You should be aware that the local people may have different customs and beliefs regarding privacy and so you should always ask permission before photographing people.


Answer by  Shakaib (3)

yes i will soon take a tour of holy land for say my prayers. i will offer prayer there and i will take a photo of there. and i will be allowed to take pictures as many as i can capture. and i want to take alot of pictures of that place


Answer by  Hawaiian (2)

Yes because I live in America where I can take a picture of whatever I want to take a picture of.

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