Question by  Hpd (63)

What are the most valuable NBA cards?

I have a collection of NBA cards, and I'd like to know if any of them are valuable.


Answer by  lovelife (998)

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are some of the most valuable- going as high as $10,000. Others are Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Michael Jordon and more.


Answer by  Alluzion (84)

From my experience, whether it is NBA, NFL, or NHL cards, the most valuable cards are the rookie cards with more value for rookie cards of superstars than for common players. I've personally found that Beckett provides the best estimate of card values.


Answer by  audiocupcakes (346)

Depends on the player and age of the card. Rookie cards of popular players tend to be the most valuable, especially if they are older players. Autographed cards as well as the game used cards of popular players are worth a good deal. Inserts are worth more than cards from a basic set.


Answer by  Tom57 (113)

The most valuable basketball cards has to be Upper Deck Exquisite from 2003-2004. This set contains Lebron James Rookie Autographed Patch card which is worth about ten thousand dollars.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

The older the cards the more valuable they are. Rookie cards such as Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson are worth more than a bench player. Certain cards are also made special determining the edition of the cards. If the card is signatured by the player himself, the value increases a lot.

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