Question by  boog (23)

Are Tippmann paintball guns the best?

I want to get the best.


Answer by  duel (79)

Yes. Tippmann paintball guns are the best. The one I would recommend would be a TIPPMANN A5, it can be modded into many different types of guns.


Answer by  Steve247 (519)

They are second to none. I remember a battle i participated in with 10 man teams, all other players on both mine and my opponent's teams had crossman, only i had Tippmann. I was last man standing, and was sniping my enemies from a distance of about 12-15 football fields awyay. I earned the name Ghost after that match.


Answer by  BrandonAllin (968)

"The best" is really completely a matter of preference, but in my opinion, Tippmann guns are one of the best, if not the outright best. They shoot quick and with loads of accuracy. Highly recommended.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

Tippman paintball guns are very good and many people would call them the best. Hammerhead is also a top brand to consider.


Answer by  colaw (43)

No they are not the best by any means. If you want to get the best paintball gun your best bet is to look online.

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