Question by  jimartin (74)

Are there special classes for anger management for children?

My son is five.


Answer by  KAS (393)

Yes. You can ask you Pediatrician or your child's Teacher for a recommendation. Only a Psychistrist can prescribed drugs, but counseling sessions (classes) can be set up with a Social Worker, Licensed Counselor or a Psycholgist. Therapy usually involves talking, role playing and peaceful problem solving. A child with a special education diagnosis can receive counseling in school.


Answer by  twimikal (14)

We have dealt with anger management in my grandson for several years, he was finally diagnosed with ADHD, compounded by a mood disorder syndrome. He went to therapy, and took two medications, Resperidone, and Vyvanse, and is now a happy and well adjusted eight year old.


Answer by  CC63 (406)

Yes, they have children's classes but they also have books that you as a parent can read with new techniques to try for your son.


Answer by  TinaR (10)

There should be awareness and education for teachers on how to manage, treat, and educate parents on children who may have an unusually high amount of anger.

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