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Question by  paige5999 (20)

Are there really European castles for sale?

Could I own a castle (provided I had enough money)?


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

Yes, but only a few are for actual sale.Most castles in europe are renting out rooms, (not in England or Wales...) but in France,they're turning the Versaille castle into a resteraunt and hotel, in many smaller european countries, like Bavaria and Poland and maybe Czech republic, you might be able to find a few up for sale.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

There are castles for sale in Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, France and elsewhere. Some are essentially ruins, while others are completely modernized with all conveniences. You'll find listings on international luxury real estate sites as well as on a dedicated website that lists castles, chateaux, palaces and medieval properties. It's fun to look!


Answer by  Dee52 (88)

Yes, there are castles for sale in Europe. You could own one, however, they are very expensive to buy and the upkeep would be astronomical.

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