Question by  mlahlou324 (29)

Are there any more record stores any more?


Answer by  idiotjones (705)

There are very few "brick and mortar" record stores these days. Most corporate music stores have gone online and have felt the pressure music piracy. Existing record stores are generally small businesses that offer something unique such as rare selections or vinyl records. College campuses are havens for such stores.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Yes, there are 65 stores in the United States. Here are sample locations: TKO Records in Fountain Valley, California, Telegraph in New London, Connecticut, Midnight Records in Hollywood, Florida, Backtrack Records in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Deadbeat Records in Moscow, Idaho. If these locations are not conventient check online search engine for "locations of record stores".


Answer by  river (1226)

Yes, alot of people never gave up on vinyl. Many say the sound is much different than what you hear on digital. There are people who collect album covers. A few years ago stores started carrying record players that also play cd's, cassettes and digital. For some people the search is everything and putting your hands on albums and 45's.


Answer by  elecstorm83 (167)

Yes! You just have to look harder. They are in big cities, over 250,000 population. They are considered mom and pop stores. But yes, they do exist. Look in your yellow pages.

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