Question by  deb74 (164)

Are there any decent Pizza Hut coupons circulating?

I need to get pizza for a large group of students.


Answer by  wjordan14 (26)

There is a really good deal on Pizza Hut's website that is for three or more medium 1 topping Pizza Mia pizzas for only $5.00 each. There will be a charge for any extra toppings that you may request. According to their website, the code you should enter upon checking out to get this deal is PIZZAMIA599.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

The last I saw Pizza Hut was selling any large any topping pizza for $10.00, I used to be a camp counselor and we had pizza parties and usually if you call the local Pizza Hut they try to work with you to give you a good deal.

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