Question by  Starless (24)

Are the seeds in pears toxic?

I've heard the seeds are poison if you eat them.


Answer by  diariocruz (81)

Pear seeds can release glycosides that when mixed with stomach acid would turn into cyanide and poison someone. Fortunately there is a very small chance of this happening as it would take several seeds to poison someone.

Reply by Kuanu (1):
Can there be an assessment into the medicinal value of pear seeds specifically? Looking at it carefully (inside-out), I have this strong conviction that something good lies in there; even the scent alone is so suggestive of this idea. I however cannot be precise because I lack the logistics.  add a comment

Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

Yes I think they are toxic. I would avoid them if I were you. Eating a few probably wouldn't kill you but I think most all fruit seeds need to be avoided. Incidentally pear seeds are on World Chelonian Trust's website for toxic seeds. I don't have any idea who they are though.


Answer by  Anonymous

THEY ARE POISONOUS IN NUMBERS, but alone they don't stand a chance against you! I don't recommend eating them even if you only eat a few


Answer by  Anonymous

they cure cancer, as well as apple seeds and bitter almonds... - google it - a doctor did some research studies regarding the cancer killing properties ...

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