Question by  sswork133 (7)

Are the Body by Victoria bras comfortable?

I like Victoria's Secret but not everything is comfortable.


Answer by  stinemachine (81)

I think they very comfortable however I do have a problem with mine slipping upwards. Being that they are so light and form fitting there is no structure to the bra to hold it down. I'm not sure if other women have been having this problem but I do. Super comfort, no stability.


Answer by  Tracy15 (821)

I find them to be very comfortable they are very pretty and fit very well but you would have to go try one on to see if you like it.


Answer by  cadence1614 (10)

Body by Victoria bras are exactly what I have been looking for. They move with your body, no matter which way you move. They are breathable, and they never lose their shape.


Answer by  dbogulski (17)

No, They are not comfortable. I found them to be itchy around the under bust area. I also found them to be poor in quality and fell apart easily.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

It is worth it to try those bras on. The fitting people at Victoria's Secret are usually very nice and will help measure you and find you the size you need. Everyone is different so I can't really tell you what will be comfortable for you especially since I don't know your size and shape.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

They are comfortable and look very good. However some people complain that they feel a bit restrictive when you wear them.


Answer by  mii (237)

Yes they are very comfortable. Go for the ones that don't have any push-up material in them because that stuff can cause chafing and kindof suffocate you. The new Body By Victoria bras are excellent because they are soft and provide coverage. Go for the full coverage version because it makes you feel more secure.

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