Question by  deaglemck (13)

Are mothballs at all dangerous?


Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

They can be. The chemicals in the mothballs disolve into the air poisoning the moths. They aren't they only ones breathing it. Use a tight closing cedar chest instead.


Answer by  Anonymous

It is illegal in the US to use mothballs in a manner inconsistant with their package labeling. Mothballs are extremely dangereous, and should only be used in sealed containers, to kill moths, ONLY. Report misuse to your state's Dept. of Agriculture


Answer by  Anonymous

YES - and it is illegal in the US to use them in a manner inconsistant with the package labeling, contact the Dept of Agriculture for your state to report misuse. use of foreign mothballs is illegal, if caught, this would be if someone reports you.


Answer by  Spazman667 (259)

Well Obviously The Size Of A Moth Ball is The Perfect Choking Hazard And Thus Could Be Dangerous If Near Or In Mouth Area. Mothballs Are Also Extremely Toxic However And Contain Napthalene Which Is A Poison. Given They Do Keep Pest away They Are Also Harmful To Humans And Anything That Comes In Contact With Them.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

They are toxic when ingested, carcinogenic, and are sometimes "huffed" as a form of drug abuse. The fumes can also be dangerous, if allowed to collect in an enclosed space.


Answer by  impulse (35)

Mothballs contain toxic pesticides and therefore are dangerous to your health when ingested. They may also act as a carcinogen. Therefore unnecessary exposure to the mothballs or their fumes is to be avoided.


Answer by  aliyaj (26)

Mothballs are dangerous because they contain napthalene, which can cause cancer. The strong smell indicates that it is harmful to us. The contents of it mixes with the air we breathe so it's not wise to be breathing in air with mothballs fumes cause they are toxic for us.


Answer by  secondbanana (289)

Yes. Absolutely. Deadly to moths, obviously, and people and pets too. They are made from Napthalene which is a petroleum derivative. Ingestion can be fatal.

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