Question by  Michael14 (23)

Are moth ball fumes dangerous?


Answer by  mateypeeps (71)

Moth balls can be made from paradichlorobenzine or alternatively, naphthalene. Both have dangerous toxic fumes, and are especially toxic to infants, causing iron deficiency due to attacking red blood cells. Hence it is recommended to air clothing outside for a day before use, both for adults and especially children.


Answer by  labgirl (333)

Moth ball fumes are dangerous when concentrated. Napthalene and camphor are the main active ingredients in most moth balls. They are toxic to moths, but for them to be most effective they are used in plastic bags where clothes are stored. As the chemicals sublimate the toxic gas may build up to the point it is harmful for humans.


Answer by  dedre (998)

Moth balls are created with hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to people and many other species other than moths. Certain diseases and sickness can be attributed to moth balls.


Answer by  rendo (66)

Yes, however they are only dangerous in high concentration. Avoid any problems by storing large quantities in a ziplock bag and away from children or where you sleep. e.g. do not store moth balls under your pillow, this could be bad.


Answer by  Anonymous

A fellow employee placed an entire box of moth balls under our business office to ward off cats. They mixed with the ammonia in the cat urine and the fumes caused me to collapse and go into convulsions. That was in late Feb. and I am still ill.

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