Question by  varex (330)

Are leashes for children safe?

These seem to be a growing trend. Are they okay to use, do they effect kids psychologically?


Answer by  freebird (225)

Leashes are as safe for children as they are for pets. We don't want our pets to run out in front of a car or get lost in a crowd, nor do we want these terrible things to happen to our children who are infinitely more important than our pets.


Answer by  Tessninky (224)

Yes, they are safe and they do the intended job - keep children from running off and getting lost or hurt.


Answer by  VintageMom (17)

Yes, they are fine to use. If you have an impulsive child that can outrun you or outwiggle you, they are very effective at keeping your child safe. The psychology of it is more about the adult perception. If you're ok with it, your child will be too.


Answer by  rebecca0515 (434)

Using a leash on a child is a personal choice. Many parents feel that it keeps their children close to them , while providing them the room to run a little. Others believe that children should not be treated like dogs and that leashing them could give the child a complex. It is truly a personal choice.

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