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Question by  worker55 (14)

Does Texas have a leash law for cats?

I know Texas has a dog leash law, do they have a cat one as well.


Answer by  SofiaY (82)

Yes! Animal control can take the cats from you because they are not on a leash. Who ever thought of this law must hate cats!

posted by Anonymous
Or love their children who can be harmed by FERRALS who are not vaccinated for any thing oh yeah cats who live outside live only 1-2 years, or maybe you never had the sickening experience of running over a cat. OPen your eyes people move to the country!  add a comment
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if dogs hav to be on leashes so should cats  add a comment
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I don't hate cats but I am allergic to them and the three that roam my area climb on my outdoor furniture, sleep on it and use my flowerbeds for a bathroom. I spoke to one owner and she said you can't keep them in...So i have to stay in??  add a comment

Answer by  NZ (26)

Some counties do have leash laws, Texas allows all of its counties the freedom to pass a leash law for cats if it deems nessary.


Answer by  maggiem (133)

Leash laws for cats are up to individual cities or towns, not the state of Texas. Leash laws for cats are very common in Texas and many of the cities (both large and small) have them. Large cities such as San Antonio, Dallas and Houston have leash laws for cats. The website of a city will have leash law information.

posted by Anonymous
I think houston should pass a law baning people from feeding cat I know belair did baned feeding cats  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

I live in Gilmer, TX. and my neighbor has 5 cats that run the neighborgood. I will have traps set to catch them if I catch them again on my yard. I am not a cat hater, but my yard is mine, not the cats.


Answer by  kmoore (60)

Texas actually has two laws for your feline-one states that cats may be outside as long as they are on a leash, or in a fenced yard, the other states that the cat must be under the owner's immediate control or on the owner's property.

Reply by Vemont (0):
I have searched TX animal laws and can not find a leash law for cats. Could you post the law number?  add a comment
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