Question by  jlaird (190)

Are Kristin Chenoweth and Amy Sedaris the same person?

They look like the same person to me.


Answer by  malone (4817)

They are not the same person and they are not related. Chenoweth is a Broadway star ("Wicked") who has appeared on some TV shows and in a few movies. Sedaris is the sister of writer David Sedaris. She's done some TV and a few movies ("Elf') and also writes.


Answer by  Ravelyn (62)

Kristin Chenoweth was born on July 23, 1968 while Amy Sedaris was born on March 29, 1961 a total of almost 7 years difference between their birthdates. Kristin is an Actress and has starred in shows such as the West Wing while Amy is a comedienne and a frequent quest on the Late Night Show with David Letterman.


Answer by  nuttree (1596)

The are different people. Chenoweth, born in 1968 in Oklahoma, is a singer and actress. Sedaris, born in 1961 in upstate New York, is a comedian, author and actress.

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