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Question by  jana17 (34)

Are Armand Marseilles dolls worth a lot of money?

They were made in Germany.


Answer by  Jessemcduffee (97)

Yes, Armand Marseilles dolls are worth a nice amount of cash. Since these dolls we're produced so long ago you can usually sell them for between $200- $500 cash. They were produced between 1895 to approximately 1930.

Reply by pattee (0):
I just obtained an Armand Marseilles doll with the following info: A 6/0 M DRCM 240 Made in Germany Plorotlotin 16". Where can I learn more about the age of this doll, its value in various conditions etc.?  add a comment

Answer by  Swani (125)

Yes! Depending on the age, condition and type of doll the Armand Marseilles dolls are worth a pretty good amount of money. The prices can range from a few dollars up into the hundreds depending on the value and condition of the doll.

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