Question by  Craig (23)

Why is my body twitching during sleep?


Answer by  rajan29 (76)

The sleep muscle movements can occur during REM sleep when dreams occurs. During REM sleep we experience a muscle paralysis that could endanger us while we sleep and dream. Here the periodic limb movements are quite often repeated every 30 sec which can even be repeated any number of times throughout the night which occurs the twitching during sleep.


Answer by  errika69 (167)

There are physiological changes that occur during sleep related to temperature, the rate of breathing, and the amount of muscular definition the sleeper has. This happens during REM sleep, thus the reason why it is called REM behavioral disorder, or RBD. This happens when the person doe not experience muscle paralysis and acts out their dreams.


Answer by  Campana (50)

It can be anything from a problem with your iron count, or a basic formal sleep disorder. It is basicly impossable to know the exact reason for your twitches without an evaluation from a sleep specialists. If you had been on a long term medication or have been using street drugs and have stoped these are common causes of twitches.


Answer by  Tracy74 (229)

A common sleep disorder is called periodic leg movement syndrome. A person involuntarily kick all night. Also a person with sleep apnea can be aroused and jerk all night. You should see a sleep medicine doctor for an evaluation for more information go to the American sleep foundation website. There is hopefully a fixable medical reason for the twitch.

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