Question by  Mithun (22)

What is the correct oil temperature for frying donuts?


Answer by  shadowb (106)

Oil temperature for frying donuts is important, especially if the dough contains yeast. Your oil should be at 375. If oil is too hot, the donuts will get brown too quick. If oil is too cool, the donuts will absorb more oil.


Answer by  klypos (271)

To fry donuts, you want the oil around 190 deg C, 370 deg F to 380 deg F. Use canola oil or corn oil for frying donuts. You can freeze them after frying if you do not want to eat a batch all at once. Reheat in an oven at 400 degF for 10min when you want to eat them.


Answer by  MinnieBannister (44)

Generally, 370 degF to 380 degF is about right for donuts, but the easy way to tell is to drop half a teaspoonful of the mixture into the oil as it heats up. When the blob of dough comes straight back up from the bottom, you have reached cooking temperature.


Answer by  cmlauren (10)

Donuts should be fried at 370F-375F no more or less please. You will need a frying thermometer. Calibrate your thermometer to zero degrees before you try this recipe again. To calibrate the thermometer place it in ice water and make sure it is at 0 C or 32 F degrees.


Answer by  lopezh (82)

Donughts have a fairly small range of cooking temperatures. They should be fried between 370-375 degress. If they are to soft its not hot enough, to brown the oil's low!

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